Cetas Healthcare | Sales Forecasting
Sales forecasting is the fundamental requirement to your business plan. Find fully customized forecasting solutions for medical devices manufacturers only at Cetas Healthcare.
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Sales Forecasting

In medical devices industry, the quality of a company’s forecasts can determine the pace of its commercial success and the scope of its competitive advantage.

Cetas Healthcare offers innovative and customised forecasting solutions for medical devices manufacturers of capital equipment as well as small devices in markets served direct or through dealers/distributors.

Our forecasting services help organizations:

  1. Determine if a market warrants investment
  2. Develop a compelling brand strategy
  3. Evaluate a product’s likelihood of success
  4. Consider emerging economic and healthcare-related issues by country
  5. Understand macro trends shaping the market
  6. Validate a company’s own forecasts to establish annual targets
  7. Set and manage performance expectations

Forecasting for In-Market Products

Cetas Healthcare uses promotional response modeling techniques for near term (e.g. next quarter) forecasting. It begins with estimation of historical sales due to sales-force effort; macro-economic variables and known market events capture change in market dynamics and lead indicators detects changes in consumer preference.
The approach: