Cetas Healthcare | Quantitative Market Research
Find quantitative solutions to all your business related issues. Cetas Healthcare offers a complete bouquet of quantitative market research methodologies (online, telephone, face to face, conference research) and solutions (segmentation, pricing, positioning, conjoint, etc.)
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Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research studies are designed to assess, predict, and estimate buyer attitudes and behaviors, used for market sizing, market segmentation, and uncovering “drivers” for brand and product preference.

Using a range of sampling strategies, quantitative market research studies project results of quantitative market surveys to the entire marketplace. Cetas Healthcare offers full range of quantitative market survey methodologies including online surveys, personal quantitative interviews, and phone surveys.

Cetas Healthcare offers a comprehensive portfolio of quantitative solutions for specific business issues:

  1. Market Sizing Surveys
  2. Advanced Segmentation Modeling
  3. Perceptual Maps/Correspondence Maps for Market Positioning
  4. Conjoint Analysis for New Product Development
  5. MaxDiff Analysis for Product Introduction to New Markets
  6. Price Sensitivity Meter/Gabor Grange for New Product Pricing
  7. Price Value Maps/Brand Price Trade-off for New Markets Pricing
  8. Value Proposition Testing
  9. Customer Satisfaction/ Customer Experience modelling
  10. Win Loss Analytics for Commercial Excellence