Cetas Healthcare | Qualitative Market Research
Cetas Healthcare understands the art of qualitative market research. We employ best practices using a disciplined and rigorous approach. Contact us today for help!
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Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative Research is all about investigating and exploring the background and context for decision making by understanding “HOW” and “WHY” aspects. Other applications include usability testing (for new products in development), brainstorming sessions (for creating ideas) and “vox pop” surveys (top level opinion).

At Cetas Healthcare we believe that the art of qualitative research is best practiced by taking a disciplined and rigorous approach to gathering and analysing information. We use a repertoire of open-ended interviewing techniques, and informal method of analysis to gain an understanding of people’s attitudes, opinions, and behavior.

Our specialist healthcare moderators are experienced in gaining insights through:

In-depth one-on-one personal interviews
Focus group discussions
Ethnography (Immersion) research
Telephone in-depth interviews