Cetas Healthcare | History
A global firm specializing in customer insights and strategy for the medical devices industry
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In early 2011, we started creating an organization that is fully committed to the medical device industry, with deep expertise and passion. Today, Cetas Healthcare has become a leading global medical market research and strategy consulting organisation that offers a unique blend of capabilities that integrate traditional market research, business analysis and strategic problem solving.

We know that good decision-making starts with good data, and we can certainly help you with that through our extensive global foot-print and proven market research techniques. However, we really shine when we are involved in converting data into INSIGHT ‘s, utilizing decades of experience at the ‘agency side’. Our partners with senior-level ‘client-side’ executive backgrounds can help add INTELLIGENCE to the data. Of course, the combination of INSIGHT ‘s and INTELLIGENCE is what delivers the IMPACT our clients seek, and have come to expect of us consistently.

The unique combination of highly experienced agency-side and client-side personnel is what makes Cetas Healthcare standout in the marketplace. We have the results and track-record to demonstrate what value we can add for you. Across the continuum of marketing function, we are here to be your partner, and ensure you reach your business objectives in every engagement.