Cetas Healthcare | Geographic Deployment
Deploy your sales team to maximize business impact and Get in contact with Cetas Healthcare SFE analytics team today for helpful guidance
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More than 50% of sales territories in US are either too large to cover all the accounts adequately or too small that sales people call low value customers. Despite this, most managers are not willing to revise geographical deployment. Why does this happen?


Even where managers want to change deployment, more often they delegate this responsibility to district managers who have myopic view. This bottoms-up approach is generally found to be sub-optimal. Studies suggest that optimizing customer coverage by re-configuring geographical deployment leads to 2% – 7% increase in sales and 10% – 15% reduction in travel time.

Cetas HC’s proprietary geo-deployment application (OptimaGeo™) statistically evaluates millions of possible configuration for optimal sales – workload combination while keeping sales disruption to as low as possible. This also automatically make territory goals more fair, so that incentive plan gives desired results.