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Cetas Healthcare can help you better understand competition moves and market trends in medical devices industry. Fill out our contact form today for more details.
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Competitive Intelligence

Over and above the routine off-the-shelf market overviewreports, often times our clients needa detailed viewof the markets (market size, growth, forecasts, drivers, barriers, technology trends, pricing trends, etc.) and competitors (competitor characteristics, needs, views on supplier performance, investment plans, strategic direction, product pipeline, marketing strategies, financial data, expansion records and plans, etc).

We creatively identify and interview a variety of industry participants—including direct competitors—to provide a well-rounded, corroborated view of the salient competitive issues. We use ethical means to gather hard-to-find information on markets and competitors. Our specialists then analyze the findings, add insights, demonstrate clear implications to the client, and work with decision makers to develop action plans and strategies.

Where do we get our competitive intelligence from?

Sources that are typically used in a competitive intelligence study include:

  1. Press analysis – using news aggregators, databases and journal subscriptions
  2. Competitor pricing research
  3. Competitor interviews
  4. Customer interviews
  5. Interviews with suppliers, distributors, associations and other high-level industry experts
  6. Company website analysis
  7. Governmental and publicly held records