Cetas Healthcare | Clinical Intelligence
A global firm specializing in customer insights and strategy for the medical devices industry
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Clinical Intelligence

Thinking deeper about clinical value.

clinical_intelligence ‘Value of a Medical Device ultimately hinges on a profound understanding of its application by a specific user to solve a specific clinical problem.’

It is our belief that this understanding is at the core of providing a meaningful tool to the clinical practitioner, and in communicating why and how it makes a difference in his daily practice.

  • Clinical Evaluation & Validation Support
  • Medical Support in Regulatory Strategy & Compliance
  • Communication with Notified Bodies and Competent Authorities
  • Determine the explicit or implicit Standard of Care for the application of a Medical Device
  • User Needs Assessment and Product Portfolio Analysis for clinical and economic value creation
  • Clinical Risk-Benefit Analysis and Post-Market Surveillance Planning for Medical Devices
  • Adverse-Event-Analysis, Mitigation, Reporting and Follow-Up
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